About Us

Welcome to Reasons for the Seasons! The seasonal hobby, activities & interests blog! 

This blog is for fellow hobbyists who may not be sure where to start or would like to expand on their craft and knowledge, maybe pick up something new in the process! 

With the wide range of hobbies and interests which are out there now, It can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin. Maybe you’ve seen a video on a social media site and thought “That looks fun” or browsed through a catalogue and wondered if you can make it from scratch yourself but have no idea how to start the process. With these how-to guides I hope we can provide you with some insight on how to start your journey into a new seasonal craft or interest! 

A bit about me

I’m a UK based hobbyist with the attention span of a gnat!

While I don’t have a specific hobby that I can say I do on a full time basis, I have tried out a huge variety of them and can turn my hand to many different crafts! I wouldn’t say I’m an artist, as that would imply I make money from my crafts, and I do all of these for either a specific purpose. Like a gift for a loved one (For example jewellery, hand carving plaques, making cards etc… ), a purpose (Like building a chest for storage, making a button as one has broken off or sewing up a jacket!) or just for a bit of fun to pass the time! 

Being into a varying amount of crafts though has allowed me to adapt and implement things into varying other crafts which has become quite beneficial and I hope this comes through in the guides that I share with you! 

A bit about the blog 

This is a site to share experiences and knowledge into the different hobbies and interests I’ve tried and enjoyed, The ways I’ve started with them and can hopefully share how you can start with this as quickly and efficiently as possible, all while having fun! 

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a guide on how to start or a professional looking for inspiration, I hope to bring a little bit of something for everyone who stumbles across this corner of the internet!