Drawing and the journey into creativity 


Drawing is a wonderful and timeless hobby and has been around since humans have been able to make simple pictures on stone walls. You can use it to communicate, generate ideas to make masterpieces of art all with a single piece of paper and a pencil. 

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Did you want to build something? Draw it first.

Do you have an idea? Sketch it out. 

Did you want to build an amazing complex piece of artwork but not sure how to begin? Pick up a pencil and paper and draw your creation.

Do you need to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language? You got it, draw a picture. 

No matter where you turn in this world, one of the most powerful and simple tools at everyone’s arsenal will be a pencil and paper. 

It allows individuals to explore their imagination. Build an image of what they’re trying to convey and put it into practice! 

Creative Drawing

I don’t know how to start?!?

The beauty of drawing lies in its accessibility. Anyone can pick up a drawing tool and begin to create, design and sketch. Whether you’re an experienced artist trying new techniques or a beginner taking your first steps. Drawing can not only offer a space for exploration but can also provide a way to relax after a stressful day. Like with any skill as well, it can be increased through patience, practice and perseverance. 

One of the aspects of drawing, and with many art forms, is that artists have to observe the world around them in much greater detail. Shadows and light, different forms and proportions, textures etc… Not only that but with the vast amount of tools available there are a multitude of techniques available depending on which path you would like to explore. 

From charcoal or graphite to ink or a digital medium, drawing has advanced greatly over the years. 

Whether you wish to explore and create lifelike portraits or dynamic landscapes, abstract art or you just fancy improving your sketching and doodling skills. I hope to provide you with the tools and resources available to accomplish these goals. 

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