Are polymer clay earrings heavy?

Are polymer clay earrings heavy

Are polymer clay earrings heavy? The very short answer to this would be No.

When you think of clay, initially you think of something which sculptors have used for years. Giant pots being crafted, sculptures of birds and beasts but Polymer clay is different. If you take for example Scupley Soufflé, this clay is so light it can float on water.

The average weight of an earring shouldn’t exceed 7 – 10 grams, obviously this will be down to personal preference but the lighter the better.

If you have checked out the ‘How to make a anatomically correct heart’ guide I’ve recently posted, That chunk of clay comes in at 6 grams.

This should give you an indication regarding how much you can use in your creations. The rough dimensions of that piece is 1.5 inches x 1 inch x 0.75 inch.

How heavy are polymer clay earrings

Even though it’s called Polymer Clay, the medium doesn’t actually contain any clay in it. The primary ingredient in it is PVC, this is mixed with plasticisers to give you polymer clay.

So what would make polymer clay earrings heavy?

This comes down to the following two factors.

  • How big are the earrings?
  • What else have you included in the creation? For example, beads, stones etc…

If you compare this to it’s full metal brethren of the same design and size, Polymer clay should be a lot lighter.

You can find out more about the different kinds of clay which can be used here. Though regardless of which brand you choose to pick, the weight shouldn’t be too much to cause discomfort.

Hopefully this short guide eases your mind as to whether polymer clay is too heavy. If you do find you’ve made a piece and it’s far too heavy for earrings, You can always turn these into a necklace or bracelet.

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