Genealogy – Displaying a family tree

Displaying a family tree

You’ve put a lot of work into your family tree and displaying it to world, or at least your family would be the next step. But what do you do? You can go down the standard tree view that you’ve been working on but that looks plain. There are multiple templates available online, but these all look boring and standard. It could be time to get a bit more creative.

Below are multiple examples of how you can display your family tree. Whether this be within a book, on a sheet of paper or something a little more unique. Just remember, each generation you go back will double the amount of relatives. If you go back 10 generations, this will be 2047 people you need to include in your tree! It could get a little crowded.

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GiftFactoryUSFamily Tree Art Engraved on Natural Wood

Starting off this list is this amazing Family tree displayed on a tree. Done by Gift Factory UK the quality and the design provides a really is a beautiful representation of your family history.

Not only does this look fantastic, they allow you to go back 6 Generations on your family tree which will provide a wonderful overview of your family tree without getting too confusing.

This really is a must have for anyone who has completed that far back and would like to display their history in a beautiful way.

GiftFactoryUS - Family Tree Art Engraved on Natural Wood - Displaying a family tree

OnceUponAPaper Personalized FAMILY TREE watercolor painting

Second on this list is this lovely piece by OnceUponAPaper. The shop contains a lot of unique and beautiful watercolour pieces. While the shop is more focused on Ketubah (Jewish Marriage Contracts) they have some wonderful handmade gifts, along with family trees.

While the designs are on the costly side, they’re extremely unique and look absolutely amazing. You can really see the artists time and effort into each piece they make and as they’re all handmade, this will provide you with a completely unique piece of art.

Displaying a family tree

ClapCraft Custom Family Tree Chart

If you’re looking for something a little bit more modern when displaying your family tree. Check out this wonderful creation by ClapCraft.

The design and layout of the tree I find to be quite elegant but at the same time provide a more modern look.

They do also offer a handwritten service, which while it does cost a lot more than the printed version, looks absolutely stunning.

Displaying a family tree

WallBoss Family Tree Wall Decal

This one I find quite unique. If you have a large plain wall which you think would be able to display your family tree on, WallBoss has the decal for you.

With the falling leaves and multiple branches, this could be customised to display as much or as little of your family tree as you wish.

Whether that’s a huge masterpiece or just a couple of generations back. This would be a wonderful way to change your décor and have a focal point in any room.

Displaying a family tree

NiamhDesigns Bespoke Embroidered Family Tree

I find a pleasantry with embroidered materials. Especially when a family tree is concerned, it feels quite ‘Traditional’ so to speak. And this piece by NiamhDesigns is no exception.

Additionally it provides a beautiful embroidered design, it’s unique layout also makes it feel modern.

Additional Designs for displaying a family tree.


While the above is only a small amount available on offer from Etsy. You can see there are many different ways for displaying your family tree. Additionally various sites like Pinterest and Instagram have many amazing ideas you if you fancy getting creative.

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