How long do I bake Polymer Clay for?

How long do I bake polymer clay for?

How long do I bake polymer clay for? Different brands can take different times and temperatures. The quick reference guide below should hopefully help you figure out how long to bake your marvellous creations for!

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Baking Tips

Firstly I would suggest that when you’re baking clay get an Oven thermometer, you can set the temperature to 130°C/265°F but the internal temperature can vary considerably resulting in under baked or over baked clay! It takes the guess work out and allows you to get an even bake throughout your pieces!

In addition to the thermometer, When baking, I’d suggest popping some parchment or baking paper down to bake your clays items on, This acts as a nice buffer between the surface of tray and clay so you won’t have to worry about any clay adhering to the surface of the tray!

How long do I bake Polymer Clay for?

For larger pieces, you can also create a foil tent to place over the top (Make sure the clay doesn’t touch this!!), this will help with the top getting too close to the oven elements and disperse the heat a bit, as you don’t want the tops to burn!

So, how long do I bake polymer clay for? See the handy chart below! If you’re looking for other Polymer Clay things, Check out the Intro Page

Polymer Clay baking chart

BrandTemperatureOven TimeThickness
Cernit130°C / 265°F30 min6mm / 14 Inch
FIMO clay110°C / 230°F 30 min6mm / 14 Inch
FIMO Liquid130°C / 265°F20 min
FIMO Clay mixed with FIMO Liquid130°C / 265°F30 min
Kato Polyclay135°C / 275°F 30 min6mm / 14 Inch
Kato Liquid Polyclay – Matte finish150°C / 300°F20 min
Kato Liquid Polyclay – Glossy finish175°C / 350°F30 min
Sculpey – III130°C / 265°F15 min6mm / 14 Inch
Sculpey Original130°C / 265°F15 min6mm / 14 Inch
Sculpey Premo / Accents130°C / 265°F30 min6mm / 14 Inch
Sculpey Beige / Firm130°C / 265°F15 min6mm / 14 Inch
Sculpey Soufflé135°C / 275°F30 min6mm / 14 Inch
Liquid Sculpey mixed with Sculpey Clay135°C / 275°F15 – 20 min
Liquid Sculpey 150°C / 300°F15 – 20 min

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