Top 10 Amazing Spring Jewellery on Etsy

Spring is on it’s way followed closely by Easter, and for Hand made gifts Etsy is the place to go to find them. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or just looking for inspiration to create some jewellery for yourself. We have compiled a list of some of the most amazing pieces of spring jewellery that are available on Etsy for 2021.

This list will showcase some amazing finds throughout the site and also link back to the creators shops. Check out these fantastic artists below. If you find that the item linked below is no longer available, check out the creators shop. There are some additional beautiful designs in all of them.

Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you I will earn a commission if purchases are made.

1. Kaleidoscope Easter Egg Bunny Earrings by AtelierPolgarus

We start with these colourful kaleidoscopic earrings by AtelierPolgarus. Made from Acrylic and Bamboo these earrings look fantastic and would make an amazing gift for Easter. For Spring jewellery available on Etsy, These seem to encompass both spring and Easter.

Kaleidoscope Easter Egg Bunny Earrings - Spring jewellery on etsy

2. Kaleidoscope Easter Bunny Earrings by AtelierPolgarus

Sticking with AtelierPolgarus for a moment, If dangly earrings aren’t your thing and you like more of a stud fitting. Check out some of their other designs. Made from Acrylic, these adorable bunnies are not only great for Easter but would look good all year round.

Kaleidoscope Easter Bunny Earrings

3. Creme Egg Earrings by SweetsOfMyOwn

Now Easter wouldn’t be Easter without eggs. Not just Easter eggs but those sickly sweet Creme Eggs. Not to be confused with the edible ones, these earrings seems to replicate the Creme egg down to the wrapper. If you check through the shop for SweetsOfMyOwn they’re an extremely talented Polymer Clay artist. They have everything from necklaces to miniatures, all highly detailed and they look good enough to eat.

Creme Egg Earrings

4. Adjustable Bunny Ring by WearFelicityCo

Bunnies, Cats even Horses! No matter what kind of animals you like, this shop seems to have them all in ring form. As we’re coming up to Spring and Easter though, I have to showcase this adorable ring by WearFelicityCo. Being adjustable as well it should fit any finger with ease. Check them out if you’re looking for some adorable animal jewellery.

Adjustable Bunny Rin

5. Bunny Earrings by BrynnaBunnies

Last in the bunny theme going on here is this marvellous creation by BrynnaBunnies, They only seem to be a small shop at the moment but the flower + resin selection they have has a really nice charm to them.

Bunny Earrings

6. Real Forget me not flower earrings by MayaJambalaya

I wasn’t sure whether to just link directly to their shop in this post as they create and sell a lot of these products. MayaJambalya have a huge range which would be perfect for spring but not many of each item. As they work with flowers as well, each item is going to be very unique and even if you just have a glance through their shop, you will see some beautiful creations.

The link above does link directly to these earrings, All others to the shop itself. I’ll be surprised if this item is still available by the time I press “Publish” 🙂

Real Forget me not flower earrings - Spring jewellery on etsy

7. Cherry Blossom Ring by ButtonsyJewellery

I seem to be cycling through themes here. But the flowers encased in resin seem to have a subtle but beautiful charm to them. This amazing creation by ButtonsyJewellery is no exception to this either. Cherry blossoms encased within resin, each one made will have a unique touch to them and no two will ever be the same.

Cherry Blossom Ring

8. Cherry Blossom 925 Sterling Silver Spring Collection by Regalosconamorbylea

This one is going into more traditional jewellery, but I thought it complemented the last one really well. The shop Regalosconamorbylea has some really beautiful and unique pieces available to purchase. Made from 925 Stirling silver and Cubic Ziconia, I couldn’t pass adding such a gorgeous item to this list.

Cherry Blossom 925 Sterling Silver Spring Collection

9. Spring Bracelet Citrine And White Jade Bee / Daisy Charm by AuroraMoonBracelets

A jewellery list wouldn’t be a list if I didn’t mention at least 1 bracelet. And out of all the thousands available on Etsy, this one stood out to me. Made by AuroraMoonBracelets the colours and the charms seem to scream “Spring”. They have many stunning pieces on their page go check them out!

Spring Bracelet Citrine And White Jade  Bee / Daisy Charm

10. Polymer clay earrings – knot studs by EarCandyHandmadeUK

Now we’re at the bottom of the list here but this is far from the least loved product available. There is such a lovely simplicity to the designs from EarCandyHandmadeUK and these are no exception. Made with Polymer clay the pastel colours used with these earrings provide a beautiful spring feel to them.

Polymer clay earrings - knot studs


So we’re at the end of the list of the Top 10 Amazing Spring Jewellery on Etsy and I hope you’ve found something you love here. This is just a showcase to what I’ve found and loved while browsing through their site but there are thousands of pieces available to purchase right now. Have a look through yourself and check out some of the shops mentioned. They are some beautiful and unique pieces which you or a loved one will cherish.

Note: All Images used above are from the respective shops which have been tagged.

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