Welcome to Reasons for the Seasons!

Hello and welcome to the new blog on the internet called Reasons for the Seasons! This hopes to be a seasonal blog with you, the reader, in mind! 

Why was this blog made? 

Throughout my life I’ve been interested in countless hobbies, interests & activities, before starting these I’ve spent multiple hours reading how to begin, then once started it’s usually back to reading up how to do specific tasks within the new craft, hobby or interest.

What tools will be required?

What are the best tools?

How do I do this? How do I do that?

Most of the time I’ve been lucky and found a guide or two but it’s even rarer that you find a single page which can explain everything you would like to know! 

That’s where this blog comes into play, these hobbies I pick up are exactly that! Hobbies! But the knowledge gained trying out so many variations I believe would be beneficial to at least one person out there! 

We hope to provide you, the reader of this blog, with a starting guide on how to commence with a specific hobby, interest or activity without having to do too much of the leg work to find out how to begin! 

Why the name? 

The name of this site Reasons for the Seasons is one of the reasons hobbies and interests are picked up, The time of the year! 

During the summer months it’s nice to be outside and working on various projects within the garden, being from the UK as well means we get very few days of sunshine which we can enjoy!

The BBQ can come out, families and friends get together and a wide range of activities and hobbies can take place while the sun is beaming down on us!

During the winter months the whole dynamic changes!

You’re seeking something a little bit warmer and more indoors. The weather is terrible and locking you in the house, so how do you keep busy without just watching the telly or browsing social media?

An interest may be on your mind or you may want to try something new, but where do you start? Hopefully we can shed a little bit of light on that! 

What’s on here? 

It will be a bit of a mix of various hobbies, interests and activities! Some focused around the seasons, some which can be done all year round! 

We will be providing ‘How To’ guides and tutorials to get you started on the right path along with reviews of items that will be beneficial for the hobby itself. 

We hope to either point you in the right direction and get them going on a new path of discovery or to provide inspiration for someone who just happens to come across this blog! 

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